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TSU Establishes New Institute Supporting Increase in Electoral Participation with Grant from Houston Endowment

Texas Southern University is set to launch a new institute aimed at increasing participation in the electoral process with the support of a $990,000 grant from Houston Endowment Inc.

The Institute for Voter and Civic Engagement, led by TSU Professor and EMPA program founder Dr. Michael O. Adams, will target students and staff. It will also coordinate university activities with community groups and conduct an independent evaluation of the project.

As a condition of the grant, Dr. Adams has already raised more than $10,000. With total funding of $1 million, the Institute for Voter and Civic Engagement’s objective is to promote voter and civic participation among students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

The Institute’s primary goals are outlined as follows:

  1. Increase electoral participation: Through dynamic campaigns, engaging events and comprehensive trainings, the institute will encourage increased participation in the election and voting process among students, faculty, staff, and community members.

  2. Empower Historically Excluded Groups: By fostering a campus culture that empowers historically excluded groups, the institute plans to promote their active involvement in civic life. Targeted marketing campaigns, educational events, trainings, and volunteer opportunities will be provided to support this objective.
  3. Foster Partnerships: The institute will establish partnerships with community and civic organizations, political groups, local businesses, and corporations. These partnerships will create a sustainable network of support for civic and voter education initiatives.

The Institute for Voter and Civic Engagement represents a significant step forward in strengthening democracy and fostering civic engagement not only at Texas Southern University, but also within the broader community. Dr. Michael O. Adams and his team will play a vital role in cultivating an informed and active citizenry through this transformative initiative.

“We are honored to receive this generous grant from Houston Endowment,” said Dr. Michael O. Adams, the project lead and a faculty member at Texas Southern University. “This funding will allow us to create a transformative institute that will empower individuals to actively participate in our democracy and make a positive impact in their communities.”

The Institute for Voter and Civic Engagement will not only provide educational resources and opportunities but will also inspire a sense of civic duty and responsibility among students, faculty, staff, and the larger community.

The Houston Endowment’s commitment to supporting initiatives that enhance civic participation and strengthen our democracy is reflected in this grant. By investing in the Institute for Voter and Civic Engagement, they are demonstrating their dedication to empowering individuals, fostering inclusivity, and creating positive change within our society.

For more information on the Institute for Voter and Civic Engagement, please contact:

Dr. Michael O. Adams
Principal Investigator
Texas Southern University
Phone: 713-418-0987